Seaside, CA, USA

Crystal Reiki Infused Celtic Cross Reading

One of the most recognized readings around, the Celtic Cross offers a good picture of the details within a specific situation in your life or just to see what is coming up for you in your life, in general. Past, current, and future influences are uncovered as well as the personal power you currently hold and should be working with. 

This reading is Reiki infused which helps to enhance the connection between us as I perfom the reading and slo sends balancing energy to all the cards touch on, empowered by the use of various crystals and symbols as I am guided by Spirit to use. All crystals used are cleansed and charged between each client. 


This is an email style reading. Once purchased, you will receive a PDF of you cards and your detailed reading to keep and pore over at your leisure within 7-10 business days of purchase, depending on the volume of my current orders. Please be sure to leave me the specific situation you want looked at or tell me that it's a general life reading, and your current email address that you would like your reading sent to.