Group Distance Crystal Karuna Ki Reiki Session

Group Distance Crystal Karuna Ki Reiki Session

This is a special listing for a group distance Crystal Karuna Ki Reiki session. This style of session is wonderful for those who are inexperienced with Reiki and are looking to try it out, or for those unable to afford a full personal one-on-one session. We all know how it can be sometimes and it's during those times we can usually benefit from Reiki and self-care the most!

For this session you will be able to specify any issues or focuses that you are currently experiencing or working with in your life. Issues and focuses such as physical ailments, emotional focuses, mental focuses, love issues, insomnia, stress, anxiety, energetic blocks, lack of clarity, or even just the need for more grounding and balance. Reiki is also beneficial in maintaining balance in our lives. Reiki always benefits us and can never hurt, but can cause life to shift in order to balance. 

This session will be performed on Sunday, October 18, 2020 @ 3 pm PST. 

This is a distance session where we meet energetically during the choosen time via the distance Reiki symbol. Many people set a space for the experience during that time. Some simply sleep. Others do nothing but open themselves up to receive the healing. All of these options are correct and perfect. The key is mindfully receiving the energy. When we open ourselves up to Reiki healing, it goes where it is needed most, always. 

Karuna Ki Reiki is by some considered the next level of Reiki beyond the tradtional Usui Master level. Karuna Ki means compassionate energy and is focused on heart-centered healing. Pure Love Healing. In Karuna Ki, I work with the energies of Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, St. Germaine, Ascended Master Jesus, the Archangels particulary Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, and Avelokiteshvara. These energies along with the beautiful symbols of Karuna Ki yield powerful healing results, particularly when looking to release past trauma and hurt whether connected to this life or a past life. For this session, I will be utilizing various crystals to enhance the healing vibrations. 


By purchasing, you are consenting to the use of healing Reiki energy.


Just a reminder, we will not be meeting face to face or via messenger for this one. It is an energetic meeting at a specific time where you receive healing energy. 


    Seaside, CA, USA