Full Animal Distance Reiki Session

Full Animal Distance Reiki Session

Animals, just like humans, go through trials and changes in life. Animal Reiki is a wonderful way to support our animals like the family that they are to us, as they face the various offerings of life.
Animal Reiki has many benefits. Some but not all include:
*Stress and Anxiety Reduction
*Supporting healing of ailments on all levels (physical, mental, emotional)
*Strengthening of the Aura
*Cleansing and balancing of the Chakras
*Release/understanding problematic behaviors
*Healing past trauma
*Creating a closer bond.

I use a mix of Crystal and Karuna Ki Reiki as well as Nature Element Healing in my sessions.
This is a Distance session, meaning that we will not be in the same place or connected by Skype, but through the Reiki Distance method, energetically.
Once purchased, I will contact you to schedule a time and date to perform your animal’s session. I do create a crystal grid for each animal’s session and will include a picture of it, any messages that come through for you during the session, and also a Tarot card pull to round on supportive actions or focuses to take after our session. Please be sure to include the email that I can contact you at and send your session report to. 


*Please note that for chronic or deep issues, more than one session is often needed and advised. 


*Reiki energy does not harm but it does balance what is unbalnced, going where it is needed, often times causing life to shift. These shifts can include changes in appetite, appearance, sudden interest shift, emotional release, colds or sublte illness that "clear out", sudden life releases, and changes in opprotunities and perceptions. Know that you are able to support yourself or your animal as needed and Reiki will not interfere. You are also able to reach out to me for support and discussion of what comes up after your session with me. 


*By purchasing, you are consenting to the use of Reiki energy. 


*After your session, you will receive a PDF report of your session, with grid and card pictures included within 2 days of scheduled session.