Seaside, CA, USA

Reiki Infused Loose Leaf Style Reading

This style of reading is my favorite way to read! It's how I taught myself over 22 years ago. This is very much an intuitive style reading, where the cards have no set placement, but instead are allowed to tell a story until the story feels "done". This is a wonderful way to pick up on random messages from Spirit or gain further understanding of a specific circumstance in your life. This method is a little wild and always allows what needs to come through to tell its tale. 


As always, I infuse all my readings with Reiki energy and include a chakra balancing, connecting via the distance symbol sending Reiki to all the cards touch on. Reiki is a balancing energy that never harms but can help to clarify and heal blockages in the mental, spiritual, physical, emotional, and energetic bodies. It brings forth what is needed, just like this spread itself!


This reading is an email style reading. You will receive a pdf. of your reading with a picture of your cards and their detailed messages for you. Once purchased, you will recieve your reading within 7 days of purchase. I am available for discussion points, guidance, and clarity after the reading is sent. :)


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