Seaside, CA, USA

Reiki Infused Heal the NOW Reading

This reading takes a look at the current moment of your life and the block that needs healing most in order to learn a powerful lesson. We take a look at the lesson at hand within the struggle, an action or perspective to take to help heal, while also sending balancing Reiki energy to you and all the cards touch on. This is a email tarot reading and distance Reiki session all rolled into one.
Often during the session I pick up other messages for you and always include those, as well. This reading can pick up on the emotions and issues that you’ve been experiencing during this blockage, even if you may not have been conscious of the depth of certain struggles.

Once purchased you will receive a pdf of your tarot reading with a picture of your cards as well as any messages that come through during your distance Reiki session.
You will receive your reading within 7 business days, once purchased.

By purchasing this reading, you consent to the use of Reiki energy. I work with Karuna Ki and Crystal Reiki, blending the two traditions with my own intuition.
Reiki does not cause harm but can cause life and our physical selves to “shift” where blockages may exist. Reiki is universal healing energy that is channeled through the practitioner to assist in balancing what is unbalanced in our lives. Know that these shifts are for your highest good and feel free to reach out to me with questions or to support yourself in any way you feel and see is fit.