Reiki Infused Seven Chakra Spread with Chakra Balancing

Reiki Infused Seven Chakra Spread with Chakra Balancing

This reading is focused on the 7 major Chakras and the areas of our lives they are responsible for. Foundation, Emotions, Career, Love, Communication, Intuition, and Higher Self are all looked at to uncover advice, blockages, blessings, and general energy flow. This reading goes deep to uncover how you are connecting with the world and how these connections are feeding your overall vibration. We also touch on ways to create positive change and nurture these important energy centers. This reading is about truth, empowerment, and spiritual connection. 

Included in this reading is Reiki healing, sent to each of the chakras to balance them. I utilize a specific technique that I was trained in that helps to measure and respin each layer of the chakras, increasing their flow and harmony with each other. This is all done through distance work. 

With this purchase, you will recieve a pdf of your detailed reading, a picture of all your cards, Distance Reiki healing and Chakra balancing, and suggestions and support as you move forward. 

Please remember to provide your email address. 

Once purchased, you will recieve your reading within 1-2 weeks, depending on volume. ( I always strive to be timley but will always choose quality of work over quickness. ) 



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