Seaside, CA, USA

Skype/Facetime Live Tarot Reading

Ready for a face to face session with the Wild Green Woman? Here's the chance! Book a 60 minute Tarot reading via Skype, Googlehang outs, or Facetime, whichever your preference is. We can take this time to dive deep into one or two subjects or blast many questions open in the time alloted. YOUR CHOICE. :)

All of my readings are infused with Reiki energy so that balancing energy is sent to all the hards touch on and a deeper connection can be established between us. I always include all messages that come through via the cards and my intuition. 

At this introductory price, you really can't go wrong!

Please remember to include your email address in the appropriate fields as well as the dates and times you are available. I always aim to be accomadating. :)

Once purchased, I will email you to book your exact time within 24 hours.