Seaside, CA, USA

Winter Solstice Distance Group Reiki

This distance group session will take place on December 22, 2019 @ 6 pm PST.

Group sessions are a wonderful way to expereince the healing benefits of Reiki. This is a distance style session. Reiki energy has the ability to be sent over distances and time in order to bring balance, healing, and opening to the parts of your life that need it most. Reiki is wise energy. It doesn't cause harm and always knows where to go to support your highest good and the highest good of those connected to you. It is wonderful for long or short term illness, stress, anxiety, injuries, spiritual development, and over-all support. 


During this Reiki session, you are asked to lie down to receive the energy and be mindful of what is happening to you at the specified time. We will not be meeting face to face but connected at the designated time energetically. After our session, I will pull a few cards for the participants on my Instagram account (thewildgreenwoman) for those taking part in this session. I will do a mutiple choice card pull, so each person can choose the reading they need. 

This session will be focused on empowerment, self-reflection, and phsycial health.


By purchasing, you consent to the use of Reiki energy. I work with Karuna Ki and Crystal Reiki, blending the two traditions with my own intuition and elemntal work.

Reiki does not cause harm but can cause life and our physical selves to “shift” where blockages may exist. Reiki is universal healing energy that is channeled through the practitioner to assist in balancing what is unbalanced in our lives. Know that these shifts are for your highest good and feel free to reach out to me with questions or to support yourself in any way you feel and see is fit.