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  • by Addie Lawson

3 Easy Ways To Ground Your Energy


Big Sur Sun. Photo by Addie Lawson

Ever spend time around people or a particular space and find yourself exhausted after the interaction? Do you find that you're riding an uneven wave of emotion, feeling as if you are at the mercy of all that surrounds you? This can happen because all things in this universe vibrate, but not all vibrations really harmonize with our own.

Our energy shifts and fluctuates throughout the day. Hour to hour, moment to moment all things are in a constant state of motion and adjustment. It can be easy to take on the vibrations that surround us, even without us realizing it. People vibrate, objects vibrate, even environments can vibrate with a particular energy. If we expose ourselves long enough, by choice or not, that energy will eventually attach itself to our own.

Just as our exposure to others as well as the actions we take can take its toll own our own vibration and sense of grounding, it is our actions and choices that can help us in remedying this fact of life. Grounding your energy, or bringing yourself back to your central vibration doesn't have to be a lengthy process. It doesn't need to involve fancy instruments. All it takes is a person aware of their needs, willing to commit to a powerful act of self care.

Here are 3 ways to ground your energy that are easy enough to do every day.

1. Cool Water

As many Reiki and students of energy work are taught and know, simply sipping on or washing the hands, face, or feet with cool water can have such a calming effect. Uncross your feet and place both feet firmly on the ground as you sip on your water. Feel your energy changing as you take this cool fluid into your body, changing your temperature. Feel the water cool your mouth and move down your throat. Visualize it running all through your body, changing your vibration from within. You can even visualize the water as a color you find particularly grounding (there are no rules here, though common colors used for this purpose are white, gold, and blue). Another way to do this is to charge the water in your hands with your intention. Focus yourself as you hold the water and intend for it to be clarifying, balancing, and grounding to your mind, body, and spirit, washing away all energy that is negative or stuck. There's many ways to use this simple technique. Get creative!

2. "Earth" yourself by walking barefoot

It's just as easy as it sounds. Take those shoes off, find an open patch of grass, and plant those soles firmly down upon it. We easily absorb and release energy through the soles of our feet. You can take this action further by breathing deeply, visualizing roots growing from your body and connecting you to the Earth. Visualize negative energy leaving your body via these roots and being given back to the Earth to heal. Then visualize new, light energy flowing back up your roots and into your body from the Earth, revitalizing you. Lay your entire body upon the Earth and feel the healing flow!

3. Music/Dancing

Music and dancing can be their own form of meditation. Headphones are perfect for this purpose. As stated above, we are vibrating beings. We can fall out of tune with ourselves and fall prey to other, lesser worthy vibrations. Turning on music, particularly music that holds meaning for you can be a very powerful and grounding event. You can take this simple act further by playing music that is tuned to 432 hz. or that is played through a 432 hz. tuner, which is easily downloadable through iTunes in both free and pay versions.

Dancing, particularly movements that involve stomping feet and that raise our body temperature can shift our vibration. The movements shift our focus to our bodies and causes us to become aware of our breathing, bringing the mind back into alignment with the body. The stomping can help to disperse positive ions that we can pick up from our environments that are often the cause of feeling ungrounded and even sometimes angry.

May you find the time every day to center your energy and empower yourself! :)

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