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  • by Addie Lawson

5 Ways Reiki Supports a Balanced Emotional State

Using Reiki as a part of a mindful approach to life

Reiki is a healing system that originated in Japan several centuries ago. Translated, Reiki stands for Universal Life Energy. It is wise energy, able to go where it is most needed within the body and the energetic self to facilitate the balance that is needed. There’s really no end to the ways that Reiki can be used and worked with. Everyday, practitioners are finding new ways to add the balancing force that is Reiki into everyday life. Reiki is often associated with alleviating physical symptoms, but another often undervalued use of Reiki is for the balancing of our emotional state. I’ve used it as a soothing balm in my own life during times of fluctuation and grief. Reiki is like a constant friend that way. It is valuable, wise, and always with you when you need it most.

Here are 5 ways that I have found Reiki can help support a balanced and mindful approach to life.

1. Reiki can help to decrease stress and anxiety.

Life is constantly changing and moving, as all things are always in vibration. As we go through these shifts, we can be faced with stress and anxiety over our experiences and expectations at that time. Stress and anxiety can feel like poison in the body. They can cause both mental and physical symptoms. Reiki energy can help to balance these symptoms out by giving the individual receiving it time out to release from worries and troubles during their Reiki session. Reiki sessions are soothing moments of self acknowledgment and love. Stress comes about often when things are out of balance. It’s very often that it’s ourselves we are forgetting. This wise and ancient energy also works as a tonic for the entire body, inside and out, helping to release excess levels of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. Elevated levels of cortisol are known to suppress the immune system, interfere with learning and memory, blood pressure, heart disease, and cholesterol. Cortisol is released in response to fear and stress by the adrenal glands. This brings about that “fight or flight response. Reiki is wonderful at helping to soothe this natural alarm and response system we have within us. There needs to be a release of the excess energy and Reiki is beautiful at facilitating this type of balance.

2. Reiki can help to acknowledge and release blockages.

Reiki sessions can help to reveal the roots of various issues, even issues we didn’t know we had. Reiki can bring about a cathartic effect, where an individual goes through a healing phase, also known as a “healing crisis”. This experience can sometimes be unpleasant, causing the individual to confront the truth behind reactions and the benefit we believed our responses were bringing into our life. Reiki also helps to cleanse and balance each of the chakras. It’s not uncommon to cry or even spontaneously laugh during a session. Release comes in many forms and Reiki helps to reveal to us what has been missing, giving us the time and space to respectfully honor those things. Reiki continues to move through the body via the meridians days even weeks after the actual session occurs, supporting us on our path to healing.

3. Reiki encourages a healthier diet.

Welcoming the energy of Reiki into our life as a part of our healing process can help facilitate the release of unneeded or unhealthy foods from our diets. Common side effects of exposure to Reiki energy are cravings for healthy foods and aversions to foods that aren’t so healthy. It’s not uncommon to see those who experience Reiki energy choose more natural, raw, and plant based foods with an emphasis on color, which helps to balance and feed the chakras, as well. A healthier more balanced diet can help to avoid extreme mood shifts and support a more stable overall physical state.

4. Reiki helps to ground.

Taking time to receive a Reiki session, or taking on the life long study of the beautiful healing art that is Reiki, can help to keep us more grounded and aware of what is important and also aware of what the smaller details of life are. Learning and being mindful of the Reiki principles can bring a sense of ease to life. They can bring us back to a state of focus, reminding us where our power is and where it isn’t. Reiki can help to facilitate a state of grounding by utilizing specific symbols, techniques, and meditations during sessions and the learning process. When we are grounded, we are able to be more secure in our actions. Grounding helps keep us from acting from a place of want, need, or lack. When we come from such places, we attract unbalanced energies and people to us, which can easily upset the goal of a balanced emotional state.

5. Reiki can help to heal specific emotional trauma.

A Reiki session focused on a specific time period or event in an individuals life can help to heal the trauma response surrounding that point in time. By utilizing specific techniques and distance symbols, Reiki energy can be sent to the past and also to the future to help ease emotional response and facilitate a greater understanding of the circumstances at hand. Reiki energy helps to balance all things and is not subject to the laws of time. It can also help with Soul Retrievals and Psychic Surgeries, allowing for pieces of the fragmented self to be found and for blockages to be pulled out of the energetic body and then healed and balanced. The Reiki energy then continues to work within the systems of the individual, supporting their growth and discovery on their self led path of healing.

Are there areas in life where your emotions or lack of emotion hold you back? Reiki is a powerful tonic and support for those seeking to lead a balanced and empowered life. Whether you get bi-weekly sessions or seek to become a practitioner yourself, you will find surprising depth in the power that Reiki holds and the areas of life it can touch.

If you are interested in receiving a Reiki session or in taking classes to become a Reiki Practitioner, check out and drop me a comment. Reiki goes where it is needed most. Reiki seeks you when your Souls seeks Reiki. Accept the Divine invitation and learn more today!

*Addie Lawson is a Crystal Reiki Master, Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, and Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner residing in California.

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