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  • by Addie Lawson

How Akashic Records Help Us

All over the internet these days there are mentions of Akashic Records Readings and the power those sessions can hold for individuals, but what are the Akashic Records really and how are they meant to help us?

The mind begins to conjure up all sorts of images and environments when an place that holds records is mentioned. When I first heard the term Akashic Records, I saw in my mind a large library style room with long rows of filing cabinets and mist floating thickly around. A bit dramatic and romanticized, I know.

The truth, or at least my experience with the Akashic Records, is that they can be experienced and realized in different ways. First thing's first though, What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records is a vibrational space where all of our information is stored. These records show our patterns, areas of wounding and growth, and also our Soul contracts and the lessons we agreed to teach and to learn. They show all events of the past, present, and possibilities of the future.

The word "Akasha" is a Sanskrit word that means "sky", "space", or "aether".

So how can these sacred records be helpful to us in our day to day lives?

When we seek to access the Akashic Records it is with the help of the Ascended Masters. It is with their help that we access the information needed to help us unlock information in this and all other lives since we originated from source and came into existence.

By utilizing the depth of the Akashic Records, we are able to discover many of the roots of our disruptive patterns, whether those roots be in this life or past lives. These records also hold information on the souls connected to us and our interactions with them. Just as physical traits can be passed through families, so can wounds be passed. The Akashic Records can help to clarify source and also help to facilitate release. Sometimes simple acknowledgment of a particular blockage can help to begin the process of releasing that karma.

When we have issues in our lives, the Akashic Records are a wonderful place to turn to receive the truth and honesty you need in the Divine timing you need it in.

The information provided comes from such a space that it is always meant to be transformational. We came into life with a plan and also free will. The Records help us to accept the plans we made, allowing the lessons within the process to transform and evolve us.

Akashic Records Readings are powerful ways to gain clarity in your life. It takes bravery to step up to this Spiritual Plate as the messages tend to be steeped in heavy truth and Spirit doesn't tend to hold back. For those seeking not to live in their "light", but to live in their "truth", this is a style of reading that can open up a lot for you.

For more information on Akashic Records Readings you can email me at or check out my own Akashic Records Reading at .

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