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  • Addie Lawson/@thewildgreenwoman

Crystals for Mercury RX in Pisces

Well we had a pretty mellow start to the year 2019 but here we are again. Mercury Retrogrades get such a bad wrap and while I agree that these time periods do tend to shake things up, I've learned through the years to look at them as the opportunities they are to clean up and reorder my life a bit in order to move forward more smoothly.

Mercury is the messenger planet. It rules our day to day communication, expression, and coordination. When in retrograde, those things tend to hit some snags. It's usually small details that cause bigger chain reactions. Being mindful of things like messages, emails, contracts, all forms of communication, travel, and even the wrists, hands, and feet. You may want to postpone travel and big decisions as well and if you can't, be sure to double check all details for accuracy.

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces brings the focus to our emotional lives and how we communicate with those we are close to. You may find yourself unable to read others as well as you normally are able to and also in turn feel unable to be truly and deeply understood. Deep emotions and conversations that had been put on hold may surface. Remember to keep in mind that all the hiccups are opportunities to change responses and move in ways that we had promised to in the past but had not fully committed to.

With our emotional responses heightened and strong at this time, this is the perfect time to slow down, release, refocus, and connect with the grounding energy of the Earth through crystals.

Here's 8 crystals that you can work with during this current Mercury Retrograde in Pisces. Use them in crystal grids, wear them, carry them with you, or make indirect elixirs with them. Just like all my suggestions, make sure you are always listening to your own intuition. Explore and find what speaks to and works for you.

Crystals for Mercury RX in Pisces

1. Blue Lace Agate.

Helps support emotional stability, assists in improving communication, and raises spiritual connection.

2. Turquoise.

Helps support communication, protects during travel, eases arthritic pain.

3. Green Calcite.

Promotes emotional intelligence.

4. Black Tourmaline.

Cleanses the aura, protective, and extremely grounding.

5. Sunstone.

Aids in the ability to look beyond difficult circumstances, uplifts, and reenergizes the body.

6. Emerald.

Associated with Mercury, this one is calming to all chakras, particularly the Heart.

7. Selenite.

Helps to break up blockages, uplifts the mood, cleanses the aura, and clarifies the mind.

8. Blue Kyanite.

Encourages you to speak and stand in your truth, protects, cleanses the meridians, and enhances psychic communication.

Explore these and all crystals that speak to you. Just be sure to cleanse them with a safe method (salt, smoke, intention, Reiki) after use. And remember, connection and intention is key.

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